May 03, 2011

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5 Animals who Got nickname "Devil"

Thorny Devil (Moloch horridus) 
Animals of strange and unique prickly, quick-like dragon. Living in the desert in Australia. Length 20 cm, and can live to 20 years. To defend himself he can be camouflaged. This little dragon generally live in the desert. Thorns on his body is to protect themselves from other predators. Another uniqueness of this animal is that it ate whatever fell into his body. One of the favorite is the ant. He can eat thousands of ants in one day. 

Tasmanian Devil 
It belongs to the group Carnivorous marsupials that live in dry forest. The Tasmanian was also entered in a breed of dog. Although diminutive, but this animal has juat jaw and pointy teeth and powerful that it made him unable to eat the bones hard, or hard objects. Tasmanian including predatory animals and have longlongan horrible. He sometimes hunt live animals, but his favorite is to eat carrion. That is, she likes to eat meat from animals found dead. As common symptoms of an unhealthy dog ​​(suffering from rabies and other diseases), the Tasmanian also have the same symptoms, if he put his tail in the two hind legs, or a thin feathered tail, then indicate that she suffered from disease 

Sand Devil 
His name is weird Sand Devil (Satan sand), other names are the angel shark. This fish species from the family Squatinidae shark found in the subtropical tip of the continent and the upper slopes soles western Atlantic. For some reason these fish have a unique name, "sand devil 'also' angel shark '. To be sure the two names that do not relate to the habits of fishes generally ini.Berbeda of shark that we know, angel sharks are not aggressive, he also did not attack, unless disturbed. Bites can cause severe injuries, because his teeth are very pointed. The scientific name of this sand shark demon is Squatina dumeril. Ikan has some fangs in its mouth. The food is small fish, crustaceans and shelled two animals. 

Hickory Horned Devil 
Such as the Thorny Devil, Hickory Horned Devil horns even had his body spiked. This is to protect themselves from attack by predators. This beast compatriots caterpillar plants living in North Ametika. Horn and the spikes on his body looks creepy and dangerous, when in fact not. Although the sinister-looking, with caterpillar caterpillar Hickory other plants. Red spikes that led to long black can still grow up to 15 cm. Prior to breed, this caterpillar will change the color of turquoise and breed in the soil that had been prepared. 

African Devil Flower Mantis 
This is one of the nation's largest species of grasshoppers. Bionomically known as Idolomantis diabolica, most bersar grasshoppers from East Africa. Of the estimated size of the L2 takes 1 year to reach the size of 25-30C. This is also called sebagai'Raja Mantis'. See the picture, this is the 'biggest mantis', looks beautiful, and beautiful. But it also is increasingly rare. These rare animals consume attack attack like moths, flies, butterflies, beetles, but he did not like the insects that live on land such as crickets, etc.. 

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