April 28, 2011

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10 Bicycles With Unique & Creative Concepts

1. Laptop-Charging Concept Bike

10 Sepeda Dengan Konsep yg Unik & Kreatif
Perhaps the concept boxiest bike is the most aerodynamic, but the most interesting part of the odd design Yuji Fujimura has nothing to do with appearance. This is the electric bicycle which has a docking station for laptops, which is charged by a battery in the bike when you ride. Sure, it may be uncomfortable and you will be torn down within a minute by a little gust of wind.

2. Incredible Folding Bicycle Backback
10 Sepeda Dengan Konsep yg Unik & Kreatif
adventure for mountain biking? - But travel there is sometimes taken over areas that fans should be negotiated on foot, and bike the most is not easy to carry. Folding bike bag Bergmönch eliminate that problem. Not only small and lightweight, this bike is also capable of folding itself in less than two minutes in a configuration which comfortably.

3. Solar Powered Electric Bike
10 Sepeda Dengan Konsep yg Unik & Kreatif
Designed by Miroslav Miljevic, this electric bike has a good roof to protect riders from sun and rain and also to collect energy surya.Sepeda These are made for people who do not feel up to the physical demands of cycling, but still want to get the residual benefits.

4. Collapsible Bike Concept
10 Sepeda Dengan Konsep yg Unik & Kreatif
Portability is key when it comes to bikes the future, and designer of the concept of finding creative ways to make amazing bike light and foldable. Design by Blair is not only Harry breaks down into small packets, but also provide storage space in the form of a bag is positioned between the wheels. Rush also set to increase rider attitude, saying "I decided these problems by moving the pedal position behind the rider and move some of their body weight pressure on the front of the hip bone, using a broad front of the chair and to arm them with supports protruding from the handle.

5. BMW Concept Bikes
10 Sepeda Dengan Konsep yg Unik & Kreatif
not surprising that some sepedayg cool concept is the design of the car maker BMW. It is not clear what these concepts are created, but with the form of colorful and motorcycle-esque proportions, they provide some inspiration to carry the bike design fits right into the 21st century.

6. Bizarre Di-Cycle
Designed to bring the rider on the ground or water, this strange concept bike designed specifically for the city of Helmond in the Netherlands and Created by GBO Design, the Di-Cycle far by bulkier than a traditional bike - which seems to limit its application, but do not offer attractive solutions for the travel amphibians.

7. Minimalist Theft-Proof Computer-Aided Bicycle
10 Sepeda Dengan Konsep yg Unik & Kreatif
With spokeless wheel designed to eliminate wind resistance, tire could not be opened, no visible chain and minimalist frame, this bike is a definite departure from the old design school. The brainchild of Olympic cyclist Chris Boardman, this bike has a solar-powered battery that helps the rider up to the hills and even has a fingerprint-reading device that only allows the owner to cycling. Small computer on the handlebars calculate the number of calories burned based on the number of times the pedal rotates. This is definitely a future bike: Boardman estimates that will not be available for at least two decades.

8. Nulla: ultramodern Spokeless Bike
10 Sepeda Dengan Konsep yg Unik & Kreatif

Nulla meaning "no" in Italian, and although the bike is closer to "nothing" than most, is still far from anything. As bicycle theft-proof minimalist by Chris Boardman, who nulla not have a hub or chain drive may be to see the sleekest, but the most futuristic.

9. Honda U3-X: If Unicycles and Segways Mated
10 Sepeda Dengan Konsep yg Unik & Kreatif
Honda U3-X is like a Segway for people who are lazy and allow the user to control it only with their body leaning slightly. About the size of a retro tape, the U3 X is battery powered and leave only 4mph. However, given that it is a mobility device is the smallest in the world, this bike might be able to inspire other concepts a bit more useful in the real world.

10. Grasshopper: Folding Electric Bike
10 Sepeda Dengan Konsep yg Unik & Kreatif
Of course, some designers willing to take folding bikes to the next level by making them electrically powered. But none was quite as far as David Gonçalves, who not only designs Grasshopper takes you to and fro, but also could be a stationary exercise bike and even generate and store energy generated while pedaling your reply.


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