May 11, 2011

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Some Myths Concerning Google

Some facts and myths below I took from Google Facts & Fiction page, there is also an issue of whom you furthermore mght for this however haven't browse from the source? Let's look.

Myth-1: putting in ads on Google (PPC Adwords) can have an effect on your web site ranking in search results (SERP). the actual fact is your web site ranking isn't plagued by whether or not you advertise on Google or not.

Myth-2: a link exchange program or programs "FFA" (free for all) can increase your web site ranking. the actual fact is that the link exchange programs are typically additional damage than sensible. additionally to the advantages of tiny, service suppliers link exchange programs typically use your email address while not permission which will increase the incoming email that you just don't wish into your mailbox.

Myth-3: Use of automated ranking checker program can save webmasters time to assess the existence of their web site. the actual fact is that the employment of automated programs am passionate about it can waste resources that ought to be used to serve a additional helpful functions. the employment of automated programs to be against the TOS and Google asks webmasters don't use it.

Myth-4: Competitors you'll be able to devastate your web site ranking and even create your web site not indexed by Google. the actual fact is that nearly no chance for your competitors to rank or eliminate harm to your web site from Google's index. and also the presence of your web site ranking in Google's index entirely at intervals your management as a webmaster, together with in terms of content and web site style.

Myth 5: Your web site are going to be faraway from the Google index if you too typically do submit the URL. the actual fact is: Google doesn't suggest that you just conjointly submit a URL and don't forbid it. you're liberal to register your web site as typically as you wish, however the method of registration of the URL following the schedule set by Google, thus it's higher use of it slow and energy to boost the standard of content and links to your web site.

Myth-6: Your web site won't be indexed by Google when using ASP format (or formats different non-html). the actual fact is: Google is in a position to index nearly any kind of file, together with files formatted pdf, asp, jsp, html, shtml, xml, doc, xls, ppt, rtf, wks, LWP, wri, swf, cfm, and php .

Myth-7: Hosting {a web site|an internet site|a web site} on a particular server like Apache and IIX can give edges for your website ranking. the actual fact is: Google doesn't distinguish the sort of server you'll be able to use in assessing the ranking of a web site, use any kind of server is best suited to you.

Myth-8: once you access your web site is slow, it'll have an effect on the ranking of your web site. the actual fact is: the speed of loading internet web site doesn't have an effect on the ranking of your web site, however if your server is dead or disconnected connections that result in your web site is inaccessible then your sites aren't indexed by Google.

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