April 28, 2011

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5 World Records Kate and Prince William Solved

Church Westminster Abbey on April 29, this must be seen more stately and sparkling. It was not caused by the most talked about wedding of the century, the marriage between Prince William and Kate Middleton. The media was already speculating about the details of this wedding ceremony. Even the Guinness World Records were already predicting that this couple will break several world records for category wedding. 
You want to know what they estimate?

1. Most TV viewers. Approximately 750 million people in 74 different countries expected to watch the lavish wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana in 1981. With growing media, and society's obsession about celebrity weddings, wedding obviously Prince William and Kate Middleton will be witnessed by more people. An estimated 1 billion people will memancang television channel to the news of this marriage.

2. The pair most wanted. In the era of Internet, now, anything can be found by googling it to the desired information. The fans of this pair will easily find the latest information about various matters related to the celebrity wedding. Currently, the couple Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom the first rank of the most searched celebrity wedding.Kate and William, who is known around the world will surely beat the record of this Khloe.

3. Largest wedding cake. With the number of invitations that so much, William and Kate wedding cake would require a much larger and luxurious. Guinness World Record for the largest wedding cake is now weighing 6.8 tons! This cake was made by the chef at the Mohegan Sun, Connecticut, not to the marriage of the royal family, but for a wedding exhibition in 2004.

4. Most expensive piece of wedding cake. Piece of wedding cake Duke and Duchess of Windsor in 1937 successfully sold at auction house Sotheby's in 1998 with the price of 29,900 dollars. Although the wedding fruit cake William and Kate are terraced (cake will be prepared by the designer, Fiona Cairns) are not likely to be sold through eBay, if it wished, the price per piece is definitely very expensive.
5. The longest most luxurious gown or veil? Many people who speculate about her choice of designers, and style as what is desired by the women's 29 this year. However, no one knows exactly what the wedding dress her, because until now this dress into the most secret part of the kingdom. And, indeed there is no dress that broke the record as a whole. Dress the most "bling bling" ever recorded was made with 43,000 crystals in Romania in 2010. Longest veil is worn by the bride Lebanon, Sandra Mechleb in 2009, spread out along 3.3 km. Princess Diana alone wear a dress with the head of a very long hood, the world record is still held by Dutch bride, with a hood over 2.4 km.

Cuisine Day Wedding William-H
Besides safety, it also discussed related to the event was the menu of dishes. This is a secret closed meeting, but will reportedly dishes?? Very British??.
?? We can not give details for the day that awaited it. However, we always want to show the best of British crop ...? said Mark Flanagan, the main chef of Queen Elizabeth II.
More than 300 guests will be invited to dine on the night of April 29, several hours after the couple married. ?? I think the dish would begin with some sort of salad with a terrine,? said Darren McGrady, Princess Diana's personal chef, Prince William and Prince Harry to Diana's death in 1997.
?? For the main course, I expect that will be presented Gaelic steak, tenderloin steak in mushroom sauce whiskey, or organic lamb from Highgrove, Prince Charles of agricultural land, the father of Prince William,? he said.
McGrady, who also had been a personal chef queen, speculated would be served Flan for dessert banana. ?? When I cook for Prince William, his favorite dessert is banana Flan,? McGrady recalled.
It will be added with the fruit cake wedding cakes special orders of Kate Middleton. The cake is decorated with 16 flower that symbolizes various things, such as happiness (rose), softness (lilies), and marriage (ivy).
Wedding cake which is a work of art will be exhibited in the show at noon reception at Buckingham Palace, London. Besides the cake, there is Prince William's favorite chocolate cake.
Although the cuisine is very British, according to tradition, all menus are named in French. ?? All menus are written in French, without translation at all? McGrady said.
Affairs dishes on wedding day that require planning for months. On that day 21 people will serve in the palace kitchen.

UFOs Will Attend Wedding William-Kate
Will the UFO came in William-Kate wedding? This is not a silly question. Because the former British Royal Air Force officer who is now involved in managing the Institute of Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) George Filer says that the possibility of UFOs will come in the marriage.
Filer said that UFOs often come in a variety of important world events. "It seems that UFOs have an interest in all things important. Finally, they were seen in the sky near the Libyan and Japanese tsunami," Filer said that this American.
There are 2 important reasons that reinforce the opinion of Filer. First, a few weeks and then UFOs appear in the English Channel, as reported by one member of the British Air Force. Second, the British royal family itself has an interest in UFOs.
He described his experiences meeting with Prince Philip in the 1960s. "It was around in 1961 or 1962. He met us after dinner and wanted to talk about UFOs. He said that the air force to stop sending the fleet because some do not come back," he explained.
Commenting on what was said Filer, crop circle investigator Colin Andrews said that the royal family is paying attention to the problem of UFOs and aliens. "Prince Philip and Queen seemed to be interested in this problem. And it seems their interest is based on personal experience."
Filer claimed that he could see the 1000 UFO every month. In recent weeks, according to a report the British air force pilot, the number of UFOs were seen more and more.Well, would a UFO actually came on William Kate wedding?

Middleton-William Artificial Meriahkan Book Launch Event
Early April (01/04/2011) in the area of ​​Covent Garden, central London (UK), a book was launched to welcome the marriage of Prince William with Kate Middleton, which will be held on April 29, 2011 in Westminster Abbey, London. In the event launching the book, the author involves three models that portray the figures Middleton, William, and Queen Elizabeth II.The book by photographer Alison Jackson is titled Kate & Wills Up The aisle: A Right Royal Fairy Tale. The book is a book of photographs featuring the model who plays the British royal family who was preparing a wedding with William Middleton. Marriage is the biggest wedding in the British Royal family, after marriage the parents of William, Charles Pengeran with (the late) Princess Diana, in 1981.

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