April 29, 2011

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10 Amazing Facts about Dreams

10. Blind people also could Dreaming 
A blind man was also able to dream. People who experience blindness after birth (earlier could see, but then suffered blindness) in his dream to see the image / picture. Meanwhile, people who experience blindness from birth, can not see the image / picture in his dream, but have a dream that involves other senses such as hearing, smell, touch, emotions and others. 

9. We forget 90% of our dreams 
Within 5 minutes after we awaken from a dream, half of the dream that we experience will be forgotten. While in 10 minutes, 90% had forgotten the dream. However, Robert Louis Stevenson, author of the story of Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde get inspired story when he was dreaming. Further information on these can be found at wikipedia 

8. All Man Dreaming 
Every man (except the extreme psychological disorder) had a dream. However, men and women have dreams and a different psychological reaction. Men tend to dream about other men, while women have the same dream with a tendency for men and women. In addition, if men and women experience the erotic dreams / Sexual both will provide psychological reactions as well. In men will experience an erection, whereas in women will increase blood flow to Mrs.V. 

7. Preventing Dreaming psychosis 
What is psychosis? More complete read on wikipedia ... yes! = P The point is that psychosis is a psychiatric disorder such as hallucinations, delusions, thought in general do not focus or psychosis is madness ...! XD ~ 
According to studies, people who wake up at the beginning of his dream, then proceed with normal sleep for 8 hours had difficulty concentrating, hallucinations, psychosis and other signs after 3 days. Therefore, it is better if the dream be completed until the end .... (Emang can set ya?? XD ~) 

6. We Dreamed the Men Who Ever You See 
Our dreams are often filled with faces of strangers we do not recognize. But did you know that people face in a dream you are the faces of people you've seen before? Serial killer in your dream, is perhaps the taxi driver who escort you to the airport last month. We come across hundreds or perhaps thousands of faces in our lives so that the brain can create a variety of characters on the face that we remember them. 

5. Not All People Have a Dream Color 
According to the study, 12% of people with normal vision only dream in monochromatic colors (black and white). While the rest have a dream in color. Are you included in the 12% dreamer monochromatic? 

4. Man Has a tendency of Dreams with the Same Theme 
Some common themes that often dreamed of by every person is a situation that relates to school, being chased by someone or something, running slowly or running in place, sexual experience (wet dream = p), fall, late for something, dreaming of someone who is still alive died , teeth that date, flying, failing in exams, and car accidents. 

3. People of One Stop Dreaming Things Must Addictions 
According to research from the Journal of Abnormal Psychology 293 smokers who quit smoking for 1-4 weeks, 33% of them dream of or dream about smoking cigarettes in his dream. 

2. External Stimulation Affect Our Dreams 
This is often called Dream Incorporation, which is often experienced is something that our voices heard at the time of dreaming also be heard in our dreams. Another example is when the dream in a state of thirst, it is possible in your dreams, you will dream of taking something or dreaming experience thirst. 

1. Our Bodies on Sleep Paralysis 
Believe it or not, our bodies experience a virtual paralysis during sleep, most likely aiming to protect our bodies act like that happen in our dreams. More details on this can be read again and again on wikipedia = p

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