May 11, 2011

Some Myths Concerning Google

Some facts and myths below I took from Google Facts & Fiction page, there is also an issue of whom you furthermore mght for this however haven't browse from the source? Let's look.
Myth-1: putting in ads on Google (PPC Adwords) can have an effect on your web site ranking in search results (SERP). the actual fact is your web site ranking isn't plagued by whether or not you advertise on Google or not.

Myth-2: a link exchange program or programs "FFA" (free for all) can increase your web site ranking. the actual fact is that the link exchange programs are typically additional damage than sensible. additionally to the advantages of tiny, service suppliers link exchange programs typically use your email address while not permission which will increase the incoming email that you just don't wish into your mailbox.

Myth-3: Use of automated ranking checker program can save webmasters time to assess the existence of their web site. the actual fact is that the employment of automated programs am passionate about it can waste resources that ought to be used to serve a additional helpful functions. the employment of automated programs to be against the TOS and Google asks webmasters don't use it.

Myth-4: Competitors you'll be able to devastate your web site ranking and even create your web site not indexed by Google. the actual fact is that nearly no chance for your competitors to rank or eliminate harm to your web site from Google's index. and also the presence of your web site ranking in Google's index entirely at intervals your management as a webmaster, together with in terms of content and web site style.

Myth 5: Your web site are going to be faraway from the Google index if you too typically do submit the URL. the actual fact is: Google doesn't suggest that you just conjointly submit a URL and don't forbid it. you're liberal to register your web site as typically as you wish, however the method of registration of the URL following the schedule set by Google, thus it's higher use of it slow and energy to boost the standard of content and links to your web site.

Myth-6: Your web site won't be indexed by Google when using ASP format (or formats different non-html). the actual fact is: Google is in a position to index nearly any kind of file, together with files formatted pdf, asp, jsp, html, shtml, xml, doc, xls, ppt, rtf, wks, LWP, wri, swf, cfm, and php .

Myth-7: Hosting {a web site|an internet site|a web site} on a particular server like Apache and IIX can give edges for your website ranking. the actual fact is: Google doesn't distinguish the sort of server you'll be able to use in assessing the ranking of a web site, use any kind of server is best suited to you.

Myth-8: once you access your web site is slow, it'll have an effect on the ranking of your web site. the actual fact is: the speed of loading internet web site doesn't have an effect on the ranking of your web site, however if your server is dead or disconnected connections that result in your web site is inaccessible then your sites aren't indexed by Google.

May 08, 2011

3 Most Dangerous Youtube's Video

1. Mereana modegard glesgory
a video with a red background and a male staring you
be careful because if not then you will be hypnotized Focus gouging your own eyes
video title Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv
Gini story gan:
about Mereana modegard glesgory

Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv is Urban Legend started in April 2008. Mysterious story surrounding the video on YouTube that cause people to deceive their eyes out and committed suicide after watching it.

You may find these videos on YouTube with KeyWord 'Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv'. After searching, you will not find it. If you are lucky, you'll find, Video duration of 20 seconds, with a man glowering at you, and and will grin in the last 2 seconds. Background is unknown. This is footage from the video.

The original videos, duration 2 minutes, was removed by YouTube after 153 people gouged out his eyes after seeing the video and send E-mail to the YouTube headquarters in San Bruno. It is not known why could they email after his eyes taken out.

Youtube will periodically put the first 20 seconds of the video to quell suspicions, so that people will not go looking for the real thing and upload it. The video was watched by one YouTube staff and shouted for 45 seconds. Staff are now in a calming space and can not describe what he saw. People who are in one room when the staff saw the video, just mendegar high pitched voice, and they do not dare to look at the screen.

People who upload the video mysteriously disappeared, IP was not identified, and that person was never identified.

NB: should be with the sound


1. When accessing the note account suspended
2. Refresh 10x youtube will change to red blood
3. Video buffering endlessly and very scary
4. The red color will change into a heart beat and changed every second
5. Browsers can not
alt tab, close, alt f4, ctrl alt del, restart, and shutdown
6. Upon being forced to watch the computer automatically turns off
7. When the computer is turned on gandrungi virus


The effect like this are usually:
1. You will hear the voice of Satan until berjam2
2. Your ears are so unemployed
3. Mind Blank
4. Parno (Because Without Fear)
5. Feeling followed by Subtle Beings
Usually so! because it is said this sound is the song 'Ghaib' who want to try to click the link above ya!

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The Largest Cigar In The World

A cigar maker Cuban nationals on Tuesday broke his own record, by making the world's longest cigars, cigar monster that ran along the 81.8-meter (264 feet, 4 inches), or almost as long as a football field.

The Largest Cigar In The World

Cigars, which was placed in the ranks of the table, stretching through El Morro, the ancient Spanish fort located in the upper Bay of Havana, Cuba held a ceremony where the annual International Tourism Fair. Cigars, which if officially accepted by Guinness World Records in London, will beat the previous record of cigars - which has a length of 45.38 meters.

Both cigars were made by Jose Castelar Cairo, better known by the name "Cueto". Cueto (67) previously had a record-breaking four times and feel it is a matter of national pride for Cuba, producing the best cigars in the world.

Cueto, who learned to roll cigars when he was five years old, began working on his cigar at this time on 25 April and helped by some people.

The length of the cigar is justified by Rhys Patrick of the British Embassy in Havana. Patrick said the information will be sent in a letter to Guinness for confirmation on the record.
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The Ancient Forest Found In North Pole

After some articles talking about Osama now I will discuss about the discovery of the ancient forest at the north pole. Primeval forest, complete with wood, leaves, and seeds, found in Arctic Canada in the area. Predicted Forest-old was surrounded by a glacier millions of years, no trees, except a few stunted trees bonsai-sized. The team found that forests after receiving reports from the rangers from Quittinirpaaq in Ellesmere Island National Park, one whose position is the most northerly mainland. Rangers had found the wood chips are considered derived from large trees and some logs of wood along a few feet. "The wood was scattered. It's hard to not step on it," said Joel Barker, environmental scientist from Ohio State University who is also leader of the study. If dug deeper, he says, will be more wood, leaves and seeds was found. The forest can be preserved because it was buried by a landslide and isolated from air and water.

By studying the wood, leaves and seeds, the research team managed to find some tree species, among which are pine, fir, and birch. According to Barker, the number of species that are not many that show that the forest was on the verge of extinction. "The forest is approximately derived from ten million to two million years ago," said Barker. The researchers also measured the circumference of timber and found that the trees in the forest at least 75 years old when buried. Small tree rings show that tree growth is very slow. The present invention can be used to determine the condition of the world at the Earth's climate changed drastically. "This discovery is extraordinary.

Wood millions of years old with a still very good condition would open many possibilities, "said Robert Blanchette, University of Minnesota pathologist. The team hopes to find the speed of climate change and its effects on plants. Scientists also want to know how the tree reacts to cooling of about 5 million years ago, when the greenhouse effect turns into an ice house effect.
Global warming is happening lately is the opposite of what happened.

Most Crazy Ways To Cacth Osama Bin Laden

Osama Bin Laden is wanted in the world's most sought-after snapper. More than 8 years, since the events of 9 September 2001, Osama had not known of his existence. The leader of Al Qaeda has always failed arrested by United States military. Various means are adopted, with no small cost, and even sacrificed their lives.
The U.S. government itself is very eager to capture Osama Bin Laden is alive. But the plan itself doubted by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder who estimates that Bin Laden would be caught dead in a state. and finally he could be caught as well, although the situation is dead, and many in the news by everyone. and there is also something funny at the time of death of Osama.

The U.S. military never runs out of mind to continue to seek ways capture the leadership of the international terrorist network. A lot of crazy ways suggested by some people to catch the brains behind the collapse of the twin towers of this. The Week in today outlined five proposals.

1. Teleportation technology
In 2005, scientists at the research center Edwards air base, trying to make a teleportation technology like in Star Trek. This technology plan to bring U.S. troops crossed the line a wide area. How crazy is allowing the soldiers to move through a teleport into the cave hideout of Bin Laden and immediately arrest him, saying, "let's go!"

2. Bear-member skydiving team

A man not known for sending a letter to the Pentagon as he proposed the plan makes no sense to capture Bin Laden. The man wrote, "Train a bear that has a GPS system for days. While equipped with a camera, let the beast is hunting down Bin Laden. " Indeed, the sense of smell bears are considered more powerful than a bloodhound.

3. Robot killer bees
The Pentagon is reported to have trained bees to track the bomb. However, a small robot companies are reported to have found another way which they considered more effective. The company is claiming they can make a bomber-sized aircraft such as bees. Mini tool is claimed to hunt down and kill terrorists.

4. Psychic spies

According to the Daily Mail, the British Defense Ministry reported to have spent the funds of USD27 thousand or approximately Rp.245, 7 million just to recruit psychics to track down Osama Bin Laden's hideout in 2002. British MoD Party recruited 12 psychics to find out whether they can track the six senses is a terrorist. But British Defence Secretary seemed aware if the plan is not effective at all.

5. Wild distribution technology  
Bin Laden is pretending to be animals .The researchers of geography at UCLA in 2009 and then claimed if it managed to find Osama Bin Laden's hideout using the sophisticated technology called "wild distribution technology." The technology used by wildlife, the presence of Osama can be tracked on the basis of the presence he was last time. UCLA said that if Bin Laden is known to be the last time in the village of Parachinar, Afghanistan. But no one has responded to the report.

May 06, 2011

Obama is Dead Or Osama is Dead

In delivering the news, speed is always a sworn enemy of accuracy.
When news of the death of Osama Bin Laden blew hard, of course, the media vying to inform as soon as possible.damn, this time leaders in the news have similar names-similar. Obama and Osama. The one figure who ordered the assassination mission, which is one more character who was ordered to be killed.Of course one and slip the name will make the news it became confusing and ridiculous.In fact, write errors and spelling mistakes that name experienced by local and international media. Mashable site could immortalize it funny mistakes.

**In the news ticker on their site, the BBC reported that Obama had been killed. Yet beneath the big news was clearly view an image of Osama Bin Laden.

**On its Web site, had announced the news updates that "There is no indication Obama is trying to give up,..."

**MSNBC chief Washington correspondent, Norah O 'Donnel, also accidentally saying that Obama passed through her tweet.

**Meanwhile, CBS News White House correspondent Mark Knoller, twice made ​​a mistake in his tweet.

**In the event, Fox 40 News, penjelasnya writing is clearly wrong: "Obama Bin Laden is Dead."

**Error that was happening in one local TV station.

May 03, 2011

5 Animals who Got nickname "Devil"

Thorny Devil (Moloch horridus) 
Animals of strange and unique prickly, quick-like dragon. Living in the desert in Australia. Length 20 cm, and can live to 20 years. To defend himself he can be camouflaged. This little dragon generally live in the desert. Thorns on his body is to protect themselves from other predators. Another uniqueness of this animal is that it ate whatever fell into his body. One of the favorite is the ant. He can eat thousands of ants in one day. 

Tasmanian Devil 
It belongs to the group Carnivorous marsupials that live in dry forest. The Tasmanian was also entered in a breed of dog. Although diminutive, but this animal has juat jaw and pointy teeth and powerful that it made him unable to eat the bones hard, or hard objects. Tasmanian including predatory animals and have longlongan horrible. He sometimes hunt live animals, but his favorite is to eat carrion. That is, she likes to eat meat from animals found dead. As common symptoms of an unhealthy dog ​​(suffering from rabies and other diseases), the Tasmanian also have the same symptoms, if he put his tail in the two hind legs, or a thin feathered tail, then indicate that she suffered from disease 

Sand Devil 
His name is weird Sand Devil (Satan sand), other names are the angel shark. This fish species from the family Squatinidae shark found in the subtropical tip of the continent and the upper slopes soles western Atlantic. For some reason these fish have a unique name, "sand devil 'also' angel shark '. To be sure the two names that do not relate to the habits of fishes generally ini.Berbeda of shark that we know, angel sharks are not aggressive, he also did not attack, unless disturbed. Bites can cause severe injuries, because his teeth are very pointed. The scientific name of this sand shark demon is Squatina dumeril. Ikan has some fangs in its mouth. The food is small fish, crustaceans and shelled two animals. 

Hickory Horned Devil 
Such as the Thorny Devil, Hickory Horned Devil horns even had his body spiked. This is to protect themselves from attack by predators. This beast compatriots caterpillar plants living in North Ametika. Horn and the spikes on his body looks creepy and dangerous, when in fact not. Although the sinister-looking, with caterpillar caterpillar Hickory other plants. Red spikes that led to long black can still grow up to 15 cm. Prior to breed, this caterpillar will change the color of turquoise and breed in the soil that had been prepared. 

African Devil Flower Mantis 
This is one of the nation's largest species of grasshoppers. Bionomically known as Idolomantis diabolica, most bersar grasshoppers from East Africa. Of the estimated size of the L2 takes 1 year to reach the size of 25-30C. This is also called sebagai'Raja Mantis'. See the picture, this is the 'biggest mantis', looks beautiful, and beautiful. But it also is increasingly rare. These rare animals consume attack attack like moths, flies, butterflies, beetles, but he did not like the insects that live on land such as crickets, etc.. 

April 30, 2011

9 Amazing Facts About the Universe

1. Venus, the Goddess of Love, is the brightest planet in our solar system. 
2. Although the size and has a gravitational force equal to the Planet Earth, Atmosphere of Venus is full of deadly sulfuric acid. 
3. Covered by a thin layer of rock, Mercury is a large ball made of iron and has a strong attractive force for its size planets. 
4. The most powerful magnet in the universe is a magnetar, a neutron star is rare. Until now only found 10 magnetar invention. 
5. The sun is very far away so if the fuel had run out, we will not realize it until 8 minutes later. 

6. Red Planet, Mars has no ozone layer and do not have any protective against ultra violet rays. This makes it not be habitable by humans
7. By examining meteorites found on Earth, we can know that soon is the age of Planet Earth 4.6 billion years old. 
8. Jupiter rotates on its axis (rotates) with amazing speed, giving rise to winds with speeds of hundreds of miles per hour in atmosphere.  (Our earth rotates it 24 hours a day and 12 hours of the night 12-hour, day and night if jupiter how's that?) 

9. The planet Saturn is a giant ball made of gas, so the planet can float on water. 

Amazing Facts About Spider Web

The fact Amazing Spider Net - Daily News, often we are afraid if they find this animal, but in fact these animals are not dangerous and scary. The spider made a web released by the body to his residence. Interestingly, the nets are removed the spider is more potent than natural or synthetic fiber on the Earth. According to evolutionary zoology expert University of Aarhus in Denmark and Expert Cobwebs, Fritz Vollrath concluded that the spider web is stronger, elastic and durable than the strongest man-made fiber used to make bulletproof vests. Cobwebs are very flexible and able to stretch up to 140% without damaging the net. For this material, cobwebs, including lightweight materials. 

That is because the protein fibers of spider (Gossamer) is very high and has many functions such as to catch insects, protecting the nest, even to eat. Scientists have been trying to understand the mechanism of spiders in webs, but so far failed because of the complex molecules of proteins and repetitive DNA sequences in the spider. 

Even so, the scientists managed to conclude on how the spider web to harden. Vollrath said that the spider webs in a way mengasamkannya harden and methods are similar to the manufacture of fiber in the industry. Before entering the channel, spider webs consisting of liquid protein. When the fluid entrance channel, the cells draw water out of the net protein and hydrogen is pumped into the other channel and that's what caused the acid bath. 

Cobwebs and then spun from the gel into a solid fiber is drawn through the acid glands of spiders called the gland spinneret. The spider has a 2-8 spinneret, and usually in pairs, depending on the species. Spinneret issue various types of nets, of which that is not sticky to sticky, depending on needs.

20 Amazing Fact About Honeybees

  1. Honeybees have survived about 30 million years.
  2. This is the only insect that produces food eaten by humans.
  3. The honey bee is an insect-friendly environment, very important role as a maid flower pollination.
  4. They are insects with a scientific name - Apis Melifera.
  5. They have 6 feet, 2 eyes, and 2 wings, a nectar pouch, and stomach.
  6. Honey bee beat its wings (more than) 11 400 times per minute, thus making them sound like zzz zzzz.
  7. Honey bee can fly up to six miles, with speeds of 15 miles per hour. Honey bees have to fly about 90,000 miles (three times around the world) to make one pound of honey.
  8. The average honey bee will actually make only one twelfth of a teaspoon of honey in his life.
  9. It will take about 556 workers to gather 1 pound of honey from about 2 million flowers.
  10. It only took one taste of honey to fuel the way for the worker bees looking for honey in almost round-the-world
  11. Honey bee perched 50 to 100 collections of interest during the journey to find honey.
  12. A bee colony consists of a single 20000-60000 worker bees and one queen bee honey.
  13. Worker honey bees are female, live 6 to 8 weeks of doing all the work.
  14. Queen honey bees live about 2-3 years and it works just lay eggs. Busiest in the summer, and can spawn up to 2500 eggs per day.
  15. Honey bee males called drones, and they do not work at all, because they do not have the tools, they do just marriage.
  16. Each honey bee colony has a unique smell to identify each member.
  17. Worker honey bees will only sting if meraka feel threatened, and they will die along with the sting. Queen honey bees also have "penyengat", but do not leave the hive, because to keep survive.
  18. It is estimated that 1100 honey bee stings can result in death.
  19. Honeybees communicate with one another by "dancing".
  20. During winter, honey bees eat honey which they collect themselves in the summer. In winter they also form a tight group to keep the queen bee nest itself and warm.