April 28, 2011

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10 Magical Creatures with Human Sex-Related

In modern times like these there is also yes who believe all his supernatural beings, to the extent that some are having sex with supernatural beings such as itu.Apakah it's just mere fable or really the fact? Well here are 10 creatures Invisibility who have sex with a man who supposedly legendary until now ini.Mengenai whether or not the information is my own lack of mengetahuinya.Daripada thinking about something that is not immediately wrote endless mending see 10 supernatural beings who have sex with men following.

Popobawa is one-eyed creatures and have a big penis. It is said that this creature likes stalking men and women in Zanzibar, Africa. These creatures can change shape, can be animal or human. These creatures are usually targeted and menyodomi its prey at night, and does not discriminate between men, women, and children.
2. Trauco and La Fiura
These creatures come from Chiloe, an island in southern Chile. These creatures have the strength to gaze to paralyze women before having sex with them. This ugly-looking creatures depicted and shaped like a goblin to wear headscarves and robes. These creatures communicate with snort. Some reports said that these creatures do not have to deal directly with the victim, but enough with his eyes can make the victim was pregnant.
Succubus and Incubus
Succubus is a demon berparas attractive woman who can tempt the men to have sex with him. It is said that this creature believed to be a reflection of man's sin associated with sex on women.
Incubus is the male version of the Succubus. Incubus will drain energy and absorb the energy of his victims. Unlike the Succubus, Incubus Incubus impregnate his victim with a seed. And one day so the baby is born, the baby had no pulse and not breathing. It was only after the age of 7 years, her baby to be normal and attractive and has a high intelligence. According to legend, the wizard Merlin was believed to result from the relationship between Incubus and humans.
4. Encantado
In Brazil, the Amazon forest, dolphins in the river Boto believed to have the power to change form. Creatures that would evolve into a handsome man called Encantado.Encantado will invite a woman into the river, and transformed back into a dolphin, and then impregnate the woman. The local young women wary of any man who wore a hat, because according to legend, Encantado is always wearing a hat to cover its original form.
5. LiLu
In Jewish folklore, LiLu is a demon who likes to visit a woman in his sleep. Female version of LiLu is Lili. The devil is a source of concern because their mothers are also known to kidnap children. LiLu and Lili likes to visit their victims at night to produce seed descent for the sake of continuation of their race.
6. Liderc
In the area north of Hungary, reputedly known creature called Liderc. Creatures that hatch from eggs black cock, and often hidden in the bag. This creature entered the victim's house through the key hole. Once inside, this creature transformed into a man who dimiripkan with relatives victims. These creatures raping his victim and then made his home became extremely dirty before leaving. Some reports say, sometimes Liderc become comfortable with the victim and did not want to let go. To this day, has become a habit for children in Hungary to step on and break the egg that comes out of black cock to avoid the creature.
7. People Oil
In 1960, many women experience rape in several places in Malaysia. The perp is described as being naked, and her whole body covered with oil. Some people say that The oil can not be seen by women who are not virgins. In times of panic, many young women began to wear clothes smell of sweat and oil to deceive for People think they are male. Some speculation says that man is only human Petroleum ordinary criminals who rubbed his body with oil for hard arrested and also as camouflage in the night.
8. Alp
This legend comes from the folklore of Germany. Alp is a small creature that looks like a dwarf who entered the victim's body through the nostrils, mouth, or vagina. Once inside, the Alp has the ability to control the dreams of the victim and creates a nightmare. The victim will feel like not breathing so was awake.

9. Angel
According to Jewish book, Nephilim is a giant race results from the relationship between angels and humans. According to the story, that the former officials angel down to Earth to teach humans about kindness. And after centuries, many of these angels who are interested in women on earth and have sex so as to produce the Nephilim. Over time, the Nephilim were able to do great evil and sin. Seeing this, God's wrath, and ordered the angel Gabriel to fight them to extinction.
10. Alien
According to rumors circulating, many cases of abduction by aliens, and many of them admitted having sex with aliens. A man from a village in Brazil named Antonio, in 1957, he admitted was abducted by aliens and placed in a room where there is a beautiful woman and she was forced to have sex with him. Howard Menger admitted often have sex with Marla, a beautiful woman 500-year-old blond from outer space. In 1970, a 19-year-old girl claimed to have been raped by six blue-and-legged creatures like humans.She was raped after witnessing their spacecraft mendarat.Akibat lack of evidence on the matter, many people who ignore such reports and even menganganggap that the claims of such alien is a hallucination those people.

source: linggars.com

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