April 28, 2011

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Unique Facts About Kissing

A kiss, something that is interesting enough to diperbincangkan.Dalam fact this activity enough to save the unique facts menarik.Selain enough facts are also of interest to each partner of course save it as a momentum which is quite interesting and will always be immortal in the kalbu.Terutama if this is done the first time with direct pasangan.Oke course, talking about the kiss, it turns out there are interesting facts in this world about ini.Nah activity, why is really interesting to say? Rather than curious look lanjutannya.Menurut wrote the book 'Kisstory: A Sweet And Sexy Look At The History of Kissing 'is unique facts about the kiss. 

1. Kiss The word comes from German 'Kussjan'. 

2. French Kiss turned out to have different names in different parts of the world. The French themselves call it with a kiss 'roulant une Pelle' or interpreted as 'rolling a shovel'. While in India, French Kiss is called the 'Home Kiss'. 

3. A kiss is one good exercise. Kissing with a partner for one minute can burn 26 calories. So if you and your partner kissing for an hour, more effective than exercise at the gym in the same period. 

4. In the 1500s in Naples, Italy, kissing in public could get the death penalty. 

5. Lesbian kiss between the pair first appeared on the big screen in 1992 in a silent film by director Cecil B. DeMille, 'manslaughter'. 

6. While the kiss between homosexual couples first appeared in 1927 in the silent film titled 'Wings', directed by William A. Wellman. 

7. The big screen with most of the kissing scene was 'Don Juan' that releases in 1962. In total there are 191 movie kissing scene in the duration of 110 minutes. 

8. Alfred Wolfman, the man from Minnesota, United States, holds the world record for kissing the most. In 1990, he kissed 8001 people in eight hours. 

9. Two students Matt Daley and Bobby Canciello holds the Guinness World Record in September 2010 and then to record the longest kiss. Both of them kissed for 33 hours. 

10. The average person throughout his life was rarely kissed. The average person only spent about 336 hours or two weeks for kissing during their life. 

Realy facts above? Please value yourself the truth, due to the fact that real

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