April 03, 2011

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This disease can be overcome by Masturbation

Restless Legs Syndrome (Restless Leg Syndrome) haunts many people because itmakes it very difficult to sleep. This syndrome is characterized by the irresistible desireto move the body especially the legs. And this condition is most severe when the sufferer just wanted to sleep.

Already a variety of ways to try to treat this syndrome. Ranging from relaxationtechniques, reducing consumption of coffee and even taking drugs such as dopamine.

So what to do with masturbation?

In the April issue of 'Sleep Science', Prof. Luis Marin of the University of Groningen, the Netherlands, shows a study showing ejaculation in men can make their brain to producedopamine.

"Parallel between ejaculation and the injection of heroin," the study results as reportedback by News.com.au, Saturday, April 2, 2011.

Prof. Luis stated, this research makes Restless Legs Syndrome how to resolve it becomes cheaper, almost no cost and side effects. Sufferers live sex with their partneror for that alone would have no other choice right?

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